Jiify Steamer – Steamers for the home or for your business

Garment steamers, travel steamers and much more

Steam your clothes, curtains, carpet or beds so they are clean and fresh, using the most powerful and reliable steamers by Jiffy Steamer. Distributed throughout Europe from the Netherlands.

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Jiffy Steamer, provider of steamers worldwide

Jiffy Steamer provides powerful, reliable and extremely user-friendly steamers worldwide. Each steamer is comprehensively tested before leaving the production site. Are you looking for a steamer for domestic use or for your business? Our wide range will have the appropriate solution for you.

Effective removal of house dust mites using steam

Asthma, eczema and allergies are exacerbated by the house dust mite. These mites are a very common problem which cannot effectively be eliminated through simple cleaning. Steamers, on the other hand, remove house dust mite 100% and for a long time.

Garment steamer

We sell different types of garment steamers, suitable for professional or domestic use. All of our steamers are highly user-friendly. This means you can smooth large amounts of clothes with ease. The steamer is not only faster than a conventional iron, the result is better and there is much less strain on your arms and shoulders.

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Travel steamers, for crease-free trips

When you are travelling you do not want to waste time ironing your clothes and you certainly do not want to pack an iron. Nonetheless, your clothes will almost certainly get crumpled. Whether you are travelling for business, on a weekend away or are taking an extended holiday, you want to look your best. A travel steamer can help, by removing creases from clothing.

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Curtain steamers, for curtains and back drops

Beautiful, large curtains define the atmosphere of your interior, but  if they are creased, it can completely spoil their effect. It is quite difficult to keep those beautiful, large curtains nice and smooth. Using our curtain steamer, the job is done quickly and to a high standard. 

Back drops for photographers and studios

Photographers in studios often use back drops. Crease-free, attractive backdrops contribute to the quality of the photographs. The Jiffy Steamers curtain steamers will quickly restore back drops to their beautiful crease-free state. Very convenient, as no one has the time or the inclination to iron them.

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Wig steamers for domestic and professional use

You can have your wig steamed at a specialist salon or hairdresser. On the other hand, you could buy a wig steamer and simply do it yourself in the comfort of your home.

Steam your wig safely

If a wig is made from synthetic hair, it is very important that the hair does not become too hot. The use of curling or straightening tongs should be avoided at all cost. Our wig steamers have been specially developed to steam wigs safely and gently.

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Hat steamers for professional and domestic use

Jiffy Steamers have been marketing and selling hat steamers worldwide since 1940. We offer a professional hat steamer as part of our range, the J-4000 H, as well as a steamer for private or small business use, the J-1.

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