About us

The Jiffy Steamer is sold all over Europe by Van der A Naaimachinehandel. We have been selling sewing machines to the clothing industry since the 1970s. As the years have progressed, we have added an increasing number of services and products to our offering, all related to our original trade, such as sail and boat covers, bouncy castles, upholstery. Steamers are an entirely natural extension to our range.

Jiffy Steamer

Jiffy Steamer is an American product. The steamers are all handmade in Tennessee in the United States. Jiffy Steamer is well known for quality, durability and extreme user-friendliness. In order to maintain these standards, each steamer is comprehensively tested before leaving the production site.

Distributors for Europe

We are the distributors for this exclusive make for all of Europe. We take care of repairs, replacement of parts and service and we offer tailored advice from our base in the Netherlands. We are there to guarantee proper functioning of the products. Never hesitate to call or email us if you have a question or issue. We are very happy to help you as quickly as we can.