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You have been running a successful business, but suddenly everything has been threatened by the uncertainty of the Coronavirus Crisis. You have seen a noticeable drop in sales, or your office has been empty for weeks as everyone has been working from home.

So, the situation is grave and is having a deep impact on your bottom line. Fortunately, it looks like things are starting to improve. There are fewer Coronavirus infections, and an end to the lockdown is in sight. So now you have to work hard and get your business back up to full steam. But how? Start by making your products and/or office CORONA-PROOF with a Jiffy Steamer.

Can steam really kill viruses and bacteria?

We at Jiffy Steamer do not pull our punches, and will tell you honestly that at the moment, there is no irrefutable, hard scientific evidence that hot steam can kill COVID-19. If we claimed there was, that would simply be untrue, and could lead to dangerous situations. But Jiffy Steamer takes a responsible stance. What we will say however, partly on the basis of recent conclusions from scientists, is that it seems highly likely that hot​ steam combined with soap delivers very hopeful outcomes.

According to Dr. Ruth Collins, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine at Cornell University, soap dissolves the outer layer of SARS-CoV-2 and kills the virus. High temperatures can do the same. So, together, it can be assumed that this treatment will kill SARS-CoV-2. Note, however, that this assumption is not completely watertight. Soap and steam should not replace cleaning solutions that have been approved by the (Centers for Disease Control and Preventio​n)​ 


“We use steam to sterilize the medical instruments in our lab.”

source – William Schaffner MD​ ​,​ specialist in infectious diseases and professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

These statements, and similar ones from other leading scientists, not only boost our belief in our own products, but also illustrate that the cleaning of products, shops and offices with professional steamers is effective.

Currently, serious scientific research is being carried out at an international level. Much of this research is focused on finding a vaccine for this terrible virus. Other research is looking into how the spread of Coronavirus can be stopped in an effective and responsible way. The fact that cleaning with steam and soap is coming prominently to the fore in this regard is sending a strong signal to us at Jiffy Steamer that we must inform our customers of our steamers’ benefits.

At the moment, prevention is better than cure.

To summarize, it is yet to be proven that hot steam combined with soap can make your products or offices Corona-proof. On the other hand, it certainly does no harm. What the various powerful steamers from Jiffy Steamer undoubtedly can do is deep-clean office buildings and products made of soft materials such as clothing, curtains, carpets and beds. So if you are a shop and/or office owner, or you want to ensure you are doing all you can to keep your products clean, then getting a steamer from Jiffy Steamer is a smart move.

Large retailers that have just ordered various steamers from Jiffy Steamer include De Bijenkorf, Lacoste and COS (H&M). Or:​ “Existing customers have recently ordered Jiffy Steamers to make their shops and offices Corona-proof.”