Which model of Jiffy Steamer would you recommend for domestic use?

For domestic use, we generally recommend the J-2000. This steamer is ready to use within an amazing 2 minutes. If you expect to use it on rare occasions only, i.e. less than once a month, the Esteam travel steamer would be a good option.

Which model of Jiffy Steamer would you recommend for a fashion store?

For daily use in a fashion store we would recommend the J-2000 or the J-4000. If the steamer is to be used intensively or for long periods of time, we would recommend the J-4000 as the most appropriate. In case of a stone or tile floor, the J-4000 M is most suitable,  as this model has a metal steam head and a wooden handle. This means that in case of the steamer accidentally landing on the floor, there is less chance of it breaking than a standard plastic model.

Can I use my Jiffy Steamer intensively and for long periods at a stretch?

Yes, you can. This applies to both the J-2000 and the J-4000. If the steamer is purchased for commercial use, where it would likely be used more intensively than in the home, the J-4000 is the best option, as it is especially developed for professional use.

How do I use my Jiffy Steamer?

When steaming, you place the steam head lightly on to the material to be steamed. The steam will automatically remove the creases. Avoid placing the steam head directly on to velvet or silk during steaming.

Can I use my garment steamer to steam collars and cuffs?

Collars and cuffs require more pressure than is provided by a steamer. In order to re-shape them, you need to use a press or an iron and press firmly.

Can I buy a Jiffy Steamer from you as a private consumer?

Yes, you absolutely can. We mainly supply shops and other professional customers, but we also sell to private individuals on advance payment using iDeal or by credit card.

I do not want to pay in advance, is there another way?

Private customers are required to pay in advance. Business customers who have a VAT number (Netherlands and Belgium) and a Chamber of Commerce number (Dutch companies) can pay on invoice.