In our top 3 we offer 2 types of clothes steamers: the compact hand steamer and the garment steamer.

The compact hand steamer is ideal for taking on a trip, when you want to freshen up a single item of clothing. We recommend using the garment steamer if you want to steam several items of clothing.

Top 3 garment steamers


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Why a garment steamer?

  1. It is the ideal invention for people who find ironing horrible.
    With a clothes steamer you remove the creases from your clothes.
    The clothing steamer is also very useful for cleaning the curtains, the upholstery of your couch.
  2. If your clothing no longer smells fresh, the clothing steamer also offers a perfect solution: retrace it again and your garment will smell fresh again.
  3. For people who suffer from house mites, it is also very pleasant, because with a clothing steamer you can thoroughly clean your mattress.

Jiffy Steamer is used by professionals

Service and information 

We offer a full 2-year warranty on both the professional steamers and the domestic models. It is important to clean the garment steamer from time to time in order to prevent lime scale build up. Clear instructions on how to do this are contained in the Dutch language manual. Please contact us at any time for more information about the service or in case of questions about the steamer’s use or maintenance.