Why the Jiffy hat steamer?

  • Brass steam pipe especially for hats
  • Ready to use after just 1 minute
  • 4.5 liter water bottle with non-spill top
  • Capacity: 2 hours of steaming time
185.00 (incl 185.00)
340.00 (incl 340.00)

Jiffy Hat steamers

Is not just any piece of clothing

A hat is not just any piece of clothing, it is an expression of a person’s character and personality. It certainly is not an item of clothing to be kept for high days and holidays only. Many people, both male and female, now own several hats, which they will wear on a regular basis. Those hats need to be kept clean and retain their shape. That is where the hat steamer comes in.

Steamer for hats

Steam will clean and freshen up a hat and it will restore the original shape of the hat. It is difficult to achieve this using manual, DIY methods. If you have ever tried, using a kettle or similar, you will know how inconvenient, tricky and even dangerous this can be,  not to mention the result, which is often less than inspiring. A hat steamer on the other hand is a solid steaming device which will restore the shape of the hat perfectly and which is easy and safe to use.

Hat steamers for professional and domestic use

Jiffy Steamers have been marketing and selling hat steamers worldwide since 1940. We offer a professional hat steamer as part of our range, the J-4000 H, as well as a steamer for private or small business use, the J-1.

Reliable steamers made by Jiffy

Jiffy Steamer garment steamers have been comprehensively tested. They are each and every one an utterly reliable and high-quality product. Do you want to steam your shirts and blouses at home, quickly? Or are you looking to use a steamer in your store, professionally? You can rely on our garment steamers.